Homeowner communication word cloud for roofing sales

Roofing Sales Techniques: Homeowner Communication is key

During this slow period, take some time to review your communication process. Are there any shortfalls?

When you review and develop your communication plan, keep these tips in mind:

  • Anticipate questions – Try to answer all your customers’ questions before they even ask. If you answer all their questions before they think to ask, you’ll position yourself as the expert and they will feel like they’re in good hands.
  • Set clear expectations about the process in advance – You know all about the construction and insurance process. Homeowners do not. Walk them through what to expect.  
  • o Insurance process – from filing a claim to receiving the depreciation check. It’s important to communicate the endorsement process early on in the process so the homeowners know what to do if they need the check to be endorsed by their mortgage company. 
  • o Construction process – from when the supplies will arrive to when the job will be complete. Give them an idea about the timeline and what complications can affect the timeline (i.e. weather). 
  • Changes to the timeline – as much as we try to stick to a schedule, things happen. Keeping your homeowners abreast of any changes to the timeline as soon as possible will help them trust you.
  • Check-in – If you’re present every step of the way, homeowners are more likely to trust you. During the construction phase, check in with your customers regularly. Being present on the job site will make customers feel like they matter to you. It also gives you a chance to answer questions and/or alleviate concerns. 
  • Follow up – when the job is complete, follow up with your customers. Are they satisfied with the work? Do you need to fix anything? If you follow up and repair any damages as soon as possible, homeowners will appreciate your effort and are more likely to leave a good review and/or referral.

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