How to explain roofing supplement to a homeowner

Talking to your homeowners about roofing supplements

It is important to discuss supplements when your homeowner signs a contract with you.

Here are a couple of approaches you can try when talking about supplements:

  1. There is a chance that we will supplement your insurance company on this claim. This means that we will likely have to complete work that isn’t included in the original adjuster’s scope of loss, like getting a building permit or purchasing a particular item to remain code compliant. And then we will ask the insurance company to pay for these items because they are deemed necessary.


    We will put together a supplement that uses the same pricing software that your insurance company uses and send it to them, and send to them before we will start production.

    When their paperwork comes back to us, we will compare it to what we requested and will talk to you about the additional items that were approved.

  2. We will review the insurance company’s scope of loss to make sure there aren’t any errors. We will send in a supplement for anything that we think was left off the scope of loss, like obtaining a building permit. Keep in mind, the supplement process is not a big deal and is quite common. Remember, the supplement does not affect your out of pocket expense. It should be covered by the insurance company because it’s necessary work to complete your claim.

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