Storm alert

Insurance Roofing Sales: Where are you spending your time after a storm?

Contractors in the Elite Claim Solutions community can focus 100% of their time on bringing in new clients after a storm.

Time equals money

Time = Money
It is a universal equation – yet after a storm, so many contractors forget this fundamental truth. If you/your sales reps are spending time on things other than sales, you will make less money.

Time Spent Not Selling = Less Money
Elite Claim Solutions (ECS) takes hours of time per claim off the plate of sales reps, owners, managers and other staff members so they can focus their energies on generating new sales instead of talking to insurance companies about supplements and depreciation.

Lost time costs money
Employees working

Elite Claim Solutions = More Time + More Money 
In addition to giving companies back countless hours to focus on sales, ECS produces accurate and honest supplements with an average worth of $3,500 per claim.

Contact Elite today. There is no risk. We don’t get paid unless you earn more.

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