generator being used during a roof install job site

How to Supplement: A photo tip to make more money

As a construction company, you or your crews probably use a generator on many of your jobs, right? Are you supplementing for it? If not, you’re leaving money that you are owed on the table.

Some might argue that it’s not worth the hassle. Sure, most carriers will only allot around $170 for the use of a generator, so we get why it may seem like a hassle with little reward.

But, let’s do the math. If you supplement your generator use for 100 jobs throughout the year, and have a 90% approval rating (which we do), that’s an extra $17,000 for your business. $17,000 is a pretty nice company trip, a down payment on a new truck, or extra money to support your kid’s video game habit.

scope line for generator

What do you need to put together an honest supplement for a generator that a carrier will approve?

  • A photo of the generator in use at the job site 
  • The knowledge of where line items, like generators, are located in Xactimate

Looking for an honest contractor-built supplementing firm?

Contact Elite Claim Solutions today. Built by contractors for contractors.

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