Recoverable Depreciation in Roofing: How to Track Depreciation Deadlines in JobNimbus and Acculynx

There is nothing worse than going to collect funds once a project is complete, and realizing that the customer has missed the depreciation deadline with the insurance carrier.

To prevent this from happening, follow these tips:

    Familiarize yourself with depreciation deadlines specific to each carrier. Most carriers allow one year but others (like State Farm) allow two. Be careful, some carriers only allow six months from the date of loss!

    If you are nearing the depreciation deadline, ask the homeowner to fill out an extension request. 

    When you enter a project  into your CRM, fill out the insurance section and set a task or activity for 60 days before the depreciation deadline. (This information is found on the scope.) This way, you will get an alert when the depreciation deadline approaches.

If you use Job Nimbus or Acculynx, keep reading for tips on how to input the deadline in your CRM.

Job Nimbus Tasks:

  • Login to JobNimbus
  • Enter the job.
  • Click “Job Tasks” tab.
  • Click “Add Task.”
  • Enter the task name (Depreciation Deadline).
  • A description is not required, but can be a short standard explanation of what this is. “File depreciation extension letter if necessary.”
  • Enter Start Date and Time: It will always auto-assign to the person entering the task. This is easily changed by searching for the person to assign it to, and removing the people/person not needed.
  • Related job should auto-populate the job you are in.
  • Related Contact search the homeowner.  This will add the contact information to the reminder email. 
  • Click “Create Task.”
  • The person assigned the task will receive a notification via their account preferences with the due date of the task. The task can also be seen in the “Job Tasks” tab or on the calendar.

Acculynx Activities:

  • Login to Acculynx
  • Click on the “task pin” located at the top of the tool bar, towards the right side. 
  • Click “Create Task.”
  • Enter a description. “File depreciation extension letter if necessary”
  • Enter the due date.
  • Assign/Tag the task to whoever will handle it.
  • Search for the job and attach it to the job.
  • Click “Save.”
  • It will now be viewable on the overview screen.
  • A reminder will be sent to the person assigned.

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