Roofers using harnesses

2nd Story Roof: Get Paid for Xactimate Steep Charges

Steeper roofs will cost you more to produce. Should the additional cost fall on you? Not according to Xactimate!

If a house is one-story in the front but 2+ stories in the rear, you should be able to get 50% of the roof with a high charge added. Some adjusters will tell you that it is accessible from the first story, so it should not be included. And while it may be true that there is one-story access, as Xactimate defines it, the line item is not only for access, but also for an increased risk for the crews.

Crews charge you for this increased risk, so it should be included in the scope of loss from the carrier.

Don’t be afraid to educate your adjuster (in a nice way) about why high charges should be included in the scope.

roofer using a harnessSome carriers require photos of harness usage in order to pay for the “high removal.” Take a lot of production photos to get this additional charge added on the back end of the project.

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