White drip edge on residential roof that has been damaged in a storm

How to Supplement: R&R Drip Edge

Do you know the importance of drip edge? Sure, it makes the roof look better, but every major shingle manufacturer has drip edge installation in their installation guidelines (for good reasons).

There are two main reasons drip edge is important:

  1. It helps prevent wind-driven rain from blowing under the shingles (preventing leaks and rotted deck boards).

  2. It prevents water from running down the fascia by directing it into the gutters.

When gathering your inspection information or talking to an adjuster about drip edge, keep the following in mind:

    Some insurance carriers state that if the drip edge is not physically damaged by the hail, they do not owe for it. Look hard for a dent somewhere – just one hail dent will get you the whole drip edge. Take a photo!

    If felt is laid under the drip edge, take a photo. Insurance carriers must pay to replace the felt because it has to be removed during the roof install and the removal disrupts and damages the drip edge.

    Remember the insurance carrier owes for what is there. Take a photo to prove that it is painted.

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