Hail damage identified on aluminum siding using a spotlight test

3 Tips to get Roofing and Siding Jobs Approved by the Insurance Company

The best way to prove your case with the insurance company is to have photo evidence. Don’t wait for them to ask for proof before taking photos. This just takes more of your time in the long run. Instead, make a point to take photos during your process and we guarantee you will not only save yourself time later, you will make more money on your jobs.

So, how can you improve your documentation practices? Here are some tips:

    Label each photo with the direction and/or elevation and a short description. Yes, it takes time but it will also make it clear to the adjuster what they’re looking at in the photos.
    Items to label:
      • Right elevation utilities
      • Rear elevation soffit over siding
      • East slope 3 layers and drip edge
      • Front elevation not covered
      • Backside deck attached to siding and fixtures
    If there are special circumstances or unique areas related to your job, take more photos than you would normally. It’s always better to have more photos than you think you need than to have a desk adjuster request photo documentation that you don’t have. Time spent going back to take additional photos is time that could be spent selling.

    image of a deck installed over siding
    Examples of special circumstances:

    • No access for the dumpster or trailer
    • Siding covered in vegetation creating a problem for crews
    • Painted W-Valley or High Profile Ridge
    • Soffit installed over the siding
    • Deck installed against the siding

    image of roofing crew using harnessesTaking photos during production is extremely important. These are images you can’t go back to take later. These photos should show any damages or materials that weren’t visible before construction began. Having these photos will allow you to supplement for such items during the final billing process.

    Production photos to take:

    • Photos showing ladder jacks in use
    • Photos showing existing ice & water shield/multiple rows of ice & water shield
    • Photos showing existing house wrap or rigid foam board
    • Photos showing multiple layers of shingles


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