Aluminum window wrap with hail damage

How to estimate Aluminum Window Wraps on Insurance jobs

If you’re replacing siding, chances are, you’re going to need to replace window wraps as well. So, how do you get the window wraps included on the insurance estimate?

Well, the trick is, there is no trick. As we often say, the best way to get items approved is to prove the items need to be replaced. And to prove it, you need to show documentation.


  1. The best way to document damage to the window wrap is to use chalk to highlight the indentations. Make sure to use a contrasting chalk color.

  2. Take an overview photo of the window after you have chalked it and then get a close-up photo (this is 2 photos per window wrap).

Demonstrate that the seal of the window wrap requires replacement by showing that the wraps are heavily caulked to the siding OR when the window wraps are on top of the siding when you are replacing the siding. Be sure to take good photos to support the request for these items.

Please refer to this list for proper sizing/pricing on window wraps. Please note the ELEVATION information on your inspection form and when labeling your photos.

  • Wrap small window (3-11 SF) – $133.74
  • Wrap average window (12-23 SF) – $203.59
  • Wrap large window (24-32 SF) – $273.37
  • Wrap X-large window (33-40 SF) – $330.27
  • Wrap garage door- $12.55 per LF
  • Wrap door frame- $13.88 per LF
  • Wrap wood post- $15.08 per LF

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