Air Vent app for roofing contractors on an iPhone

Roofing Technology You Should be Using: Air Vent App

Every attic needs intake and exhaust vents. But the quantity of each depends on the attic measurements. How do you calculate your attic ventilation needs? 

Well, we recommend using the Air Vent App. This free app will calculate your attic ventilation needs based on the attic’s unique measurements. It even measures the roof pitch for you! The app also holds a library of documents that will help you get all of the information that you need when discussing ventilation with your homeowner. 

Here are some of the features:

  1. Air Vent Calculator – provides a report that you can send directly to your inside estimator
  2. Air Vent Roof Pitch Tool
  3. Roof Pitch Camera Mode – helps you find the pitch without leaving the ground
  4. Product Information Documents – helps you find the perfect ventilation choices for your homeowner
  5. Information Videos
  6. Registration link to upcoming “Ask The Expert” Seminars (which are fantastic and free!)
  7. Air Vent Customer Service Information
  8. FAQs about ventilation

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