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4 Times You Should Use Itel on Your Roofing and/or Siding Jobs


ITELIndependent Testing Evaluation Laboratory is a company with a convenient app that provides unbiased pricing and matching services that help contractors locate all types of current and discontinued siding and roofing products. 

You can use the app or send in a physical sample of the shingle/siding and Itel will send you a report that tells you what it is, where you can find it and if it is still manufactured. If it is no longer manufactured, the report will tell you what could be used as a match (if there is a product available).


To identify what shingle/siding to order
If you’re doing a partial job, you can use Itel to identify the shingle/siding and find a match for you to use.

When you have a partial approval and the product is discontinued
When an adjuster agrees to pay for two or three sides of siding or for a roof repair, you can use Itel to determine that the product is no longer manufactured and therefore, you cannot purchase it. Most times, the siding and/or roofing would then be counted as a total loss.

When you suspect a product is asbestos
Use Itel to determine if a shingle or siding is asbestos. When dealing with asbestos, you have to use a licensed asbestos removal service in order to stay compliant. So, if you believe shingles or siding may be asbestos, use the Itel report to supplement for the removal service.

When your adjuster requests it
If an adjuster wants you to order an Itel, be sure to enter the claim number on the request form so the carrier will cover the cost and we don’t have to bill for it at the end of the job.


  • Download the Itel app in the Apple or Google Play Store.
  • Register on the app.
  • Follow the instructions on the app.
  • Make sure to fill out ALL of the information.

If an adjuster asks you to send off the actual siding or shingle sample, be sure to:

  1. Remove the sample from an area that is well hidden (to make it less obvious for the homeowner).
  2. Protect the area after removing it.
  3. Put a note in your CRM so you get paid for your time.

Learn more about Itel here:

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