Roofing supplement list: top ten items denied by insurance companies and adjusters

Roofing Supplement List: Top 10 Items Insurance Carriers Reject

In the past couple of months, we’ve noticed a trend when it comes to adjusters. They’ve been kicking back several items because they want more proof. So, what are the items and what can you do to avoid kickbacks and to get them approved faster?

Well…before we get to the items, let’s talk about approval. It’s pretty simple. You need evidence. If you don’t have photo documentation to support your claim, the insurance carrier WON’T approve your supplement. If you don’t take photos during your initial inspection, during production, and after completion, you will have a hard time making your case with the carrier.

Here are the top ten items insurance carriers have been rejecting due to lack of photo documentation:

  1. Step Flashing
  2. Chimney flashing
  3. Decking
  4. IWS
  5. Starter
  6. Ridge
  7. Temp Repairs/Tarping
  8. Access Issues
  9. Drip Edge
  10. Gutters

If you remember nothing else from this post, remember this: take photos! Carriers won’t pay for the items you request unless they see photographic evidence.

When taking photos, keep in mind the 4 things the carrier wants to see:

  1. Proof the item existed & was damaged before production
  2. Proof the item was damaged during production
  3. Proof the item was replaced
  4. Proof the code items were missing before production

If you aren’t sure which photos to send to the carrier, that’s okay. Send all of your photos to Elite. Our specialists will go through and pull out the relevant photos that prove your case.

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