Damaged step flashing that needs to be replaced in a roofing supplement

Step Flashing: How to Supplement

Last week, we gave you a list of items on your roofing supplement list that insurance carriers have been rejecting as of late. Now we’re going to take a deeper look at what you can do to prove your case when step flashing replacement or repair is required.

So, step flashing…

Carriers want you to reuse the step flashing. You may think that’s unrealistic, and you may be right, but if you want to be paid for the flashing, you need to prove that it can’t be reused.

Show your production crew found the step flashing nailed through and you had to pry it up, bending it in the process. Now, it will not sit flat and shield against water intrusion (it’s main purpose). You might also find it is rusted or deteriorated. 

The most important thing to remember? Take photos during production that show the flashing is damaged! We want to show the carrier you tried to reuse the existing metal and it wasn’t possible.

If you are able to reuse the step flashing, show that as well! Then, we will bill for the labor hours it took to carefully manipulate the flashing to be able to reuse it.

step flashing scope snippet

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