Rotted, rusted chimney flashing that needs to be replaced on a roofing supplement

Chimney Flashing: How to Supplement

The chimney flashing didn’t get approved in pre-production? Let’s ask for it in post-production – with photos!

Chimney flashing is a lot like step flashing when it comes to approvals. Photos of the completed job and new chimney flashing won’t be enough to sway adjusters. They want to see proof of damage before they agree that a repair or replacement is necessary.

You need to show the carrier you tried to re-use it and it wasn’t possible. To do this,  take photos during the tear off that show damage and why it must be replaced.

  • Show evidence that your crew found tar on the chimney flashing and you had to pry it up, bending it in the process. 
  • Take a picture that proves it will not sit flat and shield against water intrusion. 
  • You might also find it is rusted or deteriorated. Take a picture that shows it!

Bottom line, if you’re going to ask the carrier to pay for the chimney flashing, you have to include photos proving it could not be reused in your ask.

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