Starter Shingles: How to Supplement

We all know that the starter course is required on every shingled roof and we pay more for the starter than we do for the field shingles. Unfortunately, many insurance carriers don’t seem to realize it.

We’re trying to transform the industry and hoping to see starter course as a separate item one day, but until then, keep in mind that the product manufacturers recommend installing it on the eaves and the rakes.

If your community adheres to the IRC code requirements, there is a good chance that you can get the additional starter added to the claim. There is also a chance that you will find the starter was already installed following these guidelines and if you take the photo showing the starter is there you should get paid.

Let’s look at a real example. A client took this photo of the starter on the rakes DURING PRODUCTION:

Starter shingles installation photo for roofing supplement

We submitted the photo and the code document along with our post-production supplement and our client earned an additional $150 for adding the starter to 69lf of rake edge.

Without the photo, the carrier likely would not have adjusted the scope. 

Don’t leave money on the table. If you’re a good contractor, you or someone on your team is  already visiting the site during production to make sure everything runs smoothly. You’re already there. Snap some pictures and get paid for it!

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