Roof ridge shingles with multiple hips

Ridge Shingles: How to Supplement

Ridge shingles is another item that we have started asking the insurance carriers to pay for as a separate item.

While there is no guarantee that the carrier will pay for it, if you want to supplement for it, you need to take a picture to prove that it exists and provide measurements.

Let’s look at a real example. A client took these photos of the ridge cap.

Roof ridge shingles with black vents
Roof ridge shingles with multiple hips

We submitted the photos along with measurements and our client earned an additional $2833 to install the ridge.

We know that not every home has 642 lf of ridge to install but sometimes it will, and don’t you want to be paid for it?!

Don’t leave money on the table. If you’re a good contractor, you or someone on your team is  already visiting the site during production to make sure everything runs smoothly. You’re already there. Snap some pictures of the items on our roofing supplement list and get paid for it!

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