Roofing and Siding Access Issues: How to Supplement

Breaking your back installing siding under a deck? Wearing yourself out by double-handling all of your roofing debris because you can’t get your dumpster close to the house?

Let’s get you paid for that additional labor!

Next time you run into access issues, take a picture of it! Better yet take a short video with your smartphone.

Below are just a few of the items in Xactimate we can request to help compensate for the access issues you run into on the daily.

Xactimate items to compensate for access issues on a siding job

Here are just a few Xactimate items you can use to compensate for access issues.

Let’s look at some real example photos from our clients.

Fence close to vinyl siding on a house

As you can see, this fence is too close to the side of the house, creating an access issue for the siding install.

Vinyl siding underneath a deck

And here, the siding is under the deck.

We submitted the photos along with our post-production supplement and our client earned hundreds of additional dollars. Don’t miss out on getting paid for that additional work that you do that is NOT listed on the carrier’s scope of loss, you deserve it.

If you are taking photos with your smartphone, be sure to hold the camera sideways!

If you need help supplementing access issues, CLICK HERE to get in touch with Elite Claim Solutions.

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