Drip Edge: How to Supplement

All good contractors know the importance of installing drip edge on the eaves and rakes. If drip edge already exists on the home or is now required by local building codes, then you will need to install it.

Photos of drip edge that is damaged, painted, missing and required by code, rusted, or have the gutters installed through it are all worth your time – trust us on this.

The manufacturers require the drip edge to be installed over the felt on the rakes. This means that if your roofing project has a drip edge visible on the rakes during your initial inspection and you snap a photo, then It should be included on your estimate. To install the felt, the drip edge must be removed & replaced.

Drip edge on the rakes of a house

Here are some perfect examples of a photo showing the gutters are screwed into the drip edge and a painted drip edge:

Gutters screwed into the drip edge on house
Painted drip edge on house

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