How to Calculate Roof Waste: Restoration AI

By now you know that supplementing your roof and siding claims will get you more money. And you’ve probably realized that insurance company scopes of loss are consistently short on materials. But how do you prove this?

Enter Restoration AI. This handy tool, created by a fellow contractor who happens to have a mechanical engineering degree, does the math for you to prove how much waste you really need on a job. And, even better, it’s become known and trusted by insurance carriers.

So, how does it work?
Well, let’s take a step back to show why this calculator is necessary. Years ago, Mark Craney, founder of Restoration AI, discovered that the scopes on his jobs were consistently short on materials. The carriers’ measurements were correct – so, what the heck? He soon realized the issue was with bundling. Insurance carriers typically use a fixed (and inaccurate) 10-15% bundling approach to estimate material quantities. But bundling the cap and starter with the waste short changes contractors and Mark’s math proves it.

Mark could have kept this his own little secret, but, like Elite, he values honesty and integrity in the roofing industry and advocates for industry standards that ensure contractors get paid fairly. After years of giving away his insights for free, Mark developed Restoration AI as an impartial, third party to help other contractors settle their client’s claims.

Restoration AI is an online tool that uses precise mathematical formulas to accurately calculate waste so you get paid what you deserve. The calculations in the roof waste report provide an argument for breaking out cap and starter as separate line items with mathematical evidence to back it up. You simply plug in all the pertinent information to generate a report you can send to the carrier, use as a reference when ordering materials and use to help your homeowner to understand why you’re asking for more money.

roof waste reportWhat’s in the report?

The roof waste report includes a list of disputed or omitted items with explanations and photos to enable prompt reconciliation of the differences. The document includes:

  • A thorough explanation of the Restoration AI mathematical process
  • Estimating scenarios
  • Estimating, materials, and work order quantities list
  • Sketch of the roof with dimensions
  • Mathematical proof that roofs cannot be accurately estimated by bundling cap and starter using a ridge cap analysis and a starter analysis

Ordering the roof waste report is easy:

Create company profile

Create your company profile so that your company contact info automatically populates in the report.

Recent Xactimate pricing section

Enter the most up-to-date Xactimate unit pricing for Laminated Shingle Install, 3-tab shingle install, ridge cap install and starter strip install. These values are saved into your company profile and automatically populate the roof waste calculations on the report. If you have multiple offices or operate in certain locations that have different Xactimate prices, you can set up multiple profiles and select from a drop down menu.

Information section

Project details correspond to the specific customer and address for the claim in question.

Roof information section

Enter the roof measurements or upload a Hover report and it will automatically fill in the measurements for the project.

Once the roof waste report is made, it will be easier to have discussions with the insurance carrier, order more materials, and have conversations with homeowners. Bringing accurate numbers to the table with an extensive mathematical explanation will streamline the job process and put more money in your pocket. Come prepared–in the words of Mark Craney, “You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken s***!”

For more information on what steps to take after you have an accurate waste report, visit Restoration AI’s website or find Elite Claim Solutions on YouTube for more roofing business tips and tricks.

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