Roofing technology every contractor should use

Roof Inspection Checklist: Technology Every Roof Salesperson Should Use

We live in a digital world and that means you have access to just about everything you need to assist with your roof inspection in your pocket. Need to calculate ventilation? There’s an app for that! Don’t have a scanner? No problem!

At Elite, we firmly believe in using technology to increase efficiency. Here are the top six apps we recommend for roofers:

  1. Air Vent App – Proper attic ventilation is extremely important when replacing a roof. Air Vent Inc.’s attic ventilation calculator will quickly calculate your ventilation needs and will even calculate the pitch of the roof for you.

  2. ITEL Independent Testing Evaluation Laboratory is a company with a convenient app that provides unbiased pricing and matching services that help contractors like you locate all types of current and discontinued siding and roofing products. You can use the app or send in a physical sample of the shingle/siding and Itel will send you a report that tells you what it is, where you can find it and if it is still manufactured. If it is no longer manufactured, the report will tell you what could be used as a match (if there is a product available). Read more about how to use it here.

  3. CompanyCam – Photos don’t have to live just on a sales rep’s phone. When you use an app like CompanyCam, everyone who needs to view the photos taken for a job has access to them because all of the photos are stored in the cloud and organized by project location. Photos are shared instantly and you can even comment directly on a photo. It also integrates with other apps like JobNimbus and Hover.

  4. CamScanner – No need for a scanner when you have this handy app! CamScanner allows you to scan your contracts, contingencies, insurance scopes of loss, invoices, receipts, etc. on the job site. All you have to do is open the app and point the camera at the document you want to scan, and it does the rest of the work for you. The app converts your document to an HD JPG image or high quality PDF, syncs documents to multiple locations, has Optical Character Recognition, and allows you to splice and edit scanned files. Cloud storage ensures that your files can be easily accessed and won’t get lost or misplaced.

  5. Hover – You can’t replace a roof without knowing the measurements first. Sure, you could take all the measurements by hand, but you can also take 8 easy photos and receive a detailed report with all the measurements you need AND a 3D model to show your homeowners.

  6. Pitch Gauge Find the slope of the roof without leaving the ground! Use the camera mode to calculate the roof slope/steepness and stamp the pitch reading and job address on the photo. You can also input the length, widge, pitch and cut level (complexity) of the roof to find the total number of squares.

What apps do you use for your roofing business? Let us know!

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