Roofing Contractors: Make More Money When You Take These Photos During Production

Don’t think you have time to take photos during production? Then you’re losing money. 

Let’s walk through some real examples of supplements the Elite team has gotten approved because the contractors took the right photos to back up the request.

Contractors who supplement make more money

On this first job, we were able to supplement for protection on the front of the house by showing that tarps were used. This supplement totaled $191.

Custom bending metal

This photo showing the custom bending of metal/fascia earned the contractor $3,984.60.

Soffit over siding

On the same job as the previous photo, we made sure to document soffit over the siding. Detach and reset (D&R) was needed, so we used this picture to provide justification. This got them an additional $412.80.

hot tub needs protecting

This photo shows a hot tub that needed to be covered to protect from damage, earning $75.00.

home access issue

This photo documented difficult access to the home, earning a total of $240.

EDPM product on roof

On this job, the adjuster had written for a few squares of rolled roofing. Rolled roofing is the cheapest item in Xactimate that an adjuster can use for a flat roof, which is why you will see it so often. This roof actually had an EPDM product that was coated, and we were able to get that approved by sending in this photo to the insurance company! This was a BIG difference in pricing! The final amount was $909.37.

front of house

Every photo you can get like this will lead to an extra couple hundred dollars. It’s always worth the 5 minutes to take and upload the picture! This supplement image ended up being worth $189.55.

fence access issue

Even this awful, blurry photo was able to get the contractor more money! This photo shows a fence that needed to be worked around. Documenting this access issue led to an additional $150, turning a job that would have been worth $7.71 to $157.71.

protection from debris

This photo shows how the roofing contractor protected the house from falling debris with tarps, earning an additional $176.30.

shed access issue

This shed was way too close to the house. The adjuster originally told the contractor that it was possible to get back behind it before this photo was sent as proof. Taking the time to provide this picture earned $512.47.

What can you do in addition to taking these photos to maximize your supplement efforts?

Correctly fill out the inspection checklist!


We see errors on the inspection checklist more than half of the time, which will affect the amount of the supplement. Here are some of the most common ones we see at Elite:

  • Labor hours (fences/decks) 
  • Access issues
  • Flat roofs – type as well as flashings
  • Xactimate has different price points for many items. We need to know the type and quantity of the items below to write accurate supplements:
    • Light fixtures
    • Meters
    • Window wraps
    • Pipe jacks – lead, neoprene, split boots
    • Exhaust vents on the roof
    • Chimneys

When you keep your eye out for these commonly missed and incorrect supplementing items and make sure to document them correctly, you can increase your profit with just the click of your phone’s camera. Still don’t believe us? Check out our recent blog post How Much Money Can Roofing Contractors Really Make Through Supplementing? 

For more information on supplementing, visit our website’s Supplements page or subscribe to our YouTube channel for more tips.

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