5 Tips to Get Paid Faster on your roofing jobs

5 Tips To Get Paid Faster On Roofing Jobs

We all know that when it comes to supplements, the insurance carriers control the timeline. But, there are some things you can do to avoid unnecessary delays and get that check cut a little bit faster.

  1. Collect payment for deductibles and upgrades during contract signing or during production. This will protect you if a homeowner doesn’t have those funds when the project is complete. If you set clear expectations with your homeowner about collection timelines, this should not be an issue.

  2. Get Your Homeowner Involved. When the job is almost complete, inform your homeowner to be on the lookout for any invoices in his or her email. If they’re involved in the process, the carrier is more likely to be responsive. 

  3. Deal with service issues immediately and take photos of those services. A quick fix makes for a happy customer, and a happy customer is less likely to withhold funds.
  4. Take completion photos and submit for depreciation as soon as the repairs are complete. Most insurance companies will require completion photos before depreciation can be released, and the sooner you submit for depreciation, the sooner you’ll get paid.

  5. Educate your homeowner about mortgage endorsements. If the mortgage company is on the final check, it can hold up the process, but, if the homeowners know about it in advance, they will know what steps to take when they get the check.

Want more ways to reduce the timelines? Use our inspection checklist and make sure you’re taking the right photos during production!

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