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Elite Empowers Contractors with New Offerings

Here at Elite, we’re always thinking of ways to empower good contractors. We want to help honest, quality-focused contractors succeed in the insurance restoration industry. Helping with supplements is a start, but we feel like we can do more.

Our team has been in storm restoration for years – decades, even. We have experience building out new roofing offices in new markets AND building out training programs that work for roofing and siding businesses. So, doesn’t it make sense to expand our services to include recruiting and training? We think so!

We’re very excited to offer two new services to roofing contractors: Elite Talent Solutions and Storm School.


Elite Talent Solutions will find you the right candidate

Our newest division, Elite Talent Solutions, is focused on helping contractors fill their open positions. Finding a qualified candidate takes time and let’s face it, it’s a pain for busy contractors. We streamline the hiring process by taking over the ad postings, sifting through resumes and qualifying candidates. We only send over candidates we are sure will be a good fit for your company. And let’s be honest, all recruiting firms will say this, but what sets us apart from the competition is that they don’t know how a storm restoration business operates. We do. AND we can help train our clients’ new hires on the ins and outs of the business.

Learn more about Elite Talent Solutions.


storm inspection training online courses

Navigating storm restoration can be daunting for those just breaking into the industry. Even seasoned professionals can use a refresher now and then. In addition to our custom coaching and consulting services, we have created a series of affordable e-learning courses designed to teach ANYONE the fundamentals of roofing sales. While many of our competitors focus entirely on roofing sales techniques, such as canvassing and sales pitches, our offerings address the most critical aspect of storm restoration – the inspection. 

A proper inspection leads to higher close ratios with carriers, increased profits on jobs, more accurate ordering, and a more seamless production process. Sure, a flashy roof salesperson might set a few more appointments per week, but if he or she can’t inspect and document a home correctly, then those leads will not convert into sales. Our Storm Inspection Training bundle offers a series of courses that train sales reps how to perform industry standard roofing/siding/gutter inspections. 

Learn more about Elite’s roofing sales training and Storm School.

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