Elite Roofing Horror Stories

Roofing Halloween Horror Stories

Ah autumn, the time of year when the weather drops a few degrees and it’s “cool” to be scared. But what scares storm restoration contractors? Ghosts? Ghouls? Crazy men with chainsaws? Please…those things aren’t scary. Paying to replace a roof because your crew messed up? Now that’s scary! 

This October, we’re going to share some roofing horror stories that we’ve collected throughout the year. Get ready for some truly bone-chilling experiences!

Moldy Predicament
The day started as any other. I drove to the office, checked the status of my open jobs, and replied to some emails. As I started to plan the production schedule for the week, the phone rang. I answered it, completely clueless to how this one call would ruin my whole day/week/month/year.

“My house has mold and it’s your fault.”

Well, it turns out that the crew used the wrong size when they replaced the furnace cap. Because of this, roof wasn’t ventilating properly and instead of letting moisture out, it trapped it in. 

Fast forward a few months and the whole house was infested with mold. We had to pay to gut the whole house, get mold remediation AND then rebuild. 

Talk about an expensive fix to something that should have been caught during the completion walk-through process!

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