Roofing Horror Stories Continue

Roofing Halloween Horror Stories Continue

Our roofing horror series continues this week with some particularly sticky situations…


The House is Melting!

A homeowner originally had aluminum siding and we replaced it with a premium vinyl siding. We thought the job was complete and had moved on to the next. But some weeks later, we received a call from the upset homeowner.

One whole square of siding had melted. MELTED. We didn’t think our guys did anything wrong, but we still replaced the siding. And it happened again!

We sent our production manager to the site to do some investigating and it turns out the sun was reflecting off the neighbor’s window and hitting the siding, causing it to melt. This steamy situation was going to happen again and again. And the insurance company said it was our fault because they “paid for aluminum replacement.”

We started throwing out suggestions to the homeowner to fix this recurring problem – plant a tree, build a fence, tint the neighbor’s window.

Luckily the neighbor agreed to let us tint the window, two siding replacements later…

porta potty

Rolled in It

I once had this awful homeowner. Demanding and completely unreasonable. We asked if we could put a porta potty in the yard for the crew and she flat out refused. Wouldn’t listen to reason. “A porta-John would look bad…”

So, lo and behold, on the day of production, one of the crew members had to go. He was desperate. Did he leave the site to go to a gas station a few miles away? No, this genius took himself off into the woods by her house and, well, you can guess the rest.

I wish the story ended there. I really do. But unfortunately, the homeowner owned that bit of land. AND she often walked through the wooded area with her dog. The pair stumbled across the poo and the dog didn’t just sniff it. He rolled in it! And I got stuck with an angry client and a dog grooming bill.

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