Roofing Horror Stories with Nature

Roofing Halloween Horror Stories

Acts of Nature? Or Human Error? You Decide.

In the Hot Seat
We were hired to do a complete roof. During the tear off, a fire broke out. Thankfully the crew made it off the roof in time. But we weren’t so lucky with the house. The blaze quickly spread to the rest of the house and the whole structure burned to the ground.

We later found out that the electrical wiring was run under the drip edge. When the drip edge was torn off, so was the wiring to the house! That was a fiery mistake that we had to pay for.


Hurricane Strikes Again
We were preparing to replace a roof that had been totaled after a hurricane. A day or two before production, the materials were dropped off on site, ready for the job to begin. We wish we had checked the weather in advance because another hurricane came through and blew all the materials away!


The One with the Indoor Pool
One of our crews replaced some skylights on a flat roof and forgot to install the flashing. The first rainfall after production turned the living room into a swimming pool! Needless to say, the homeowner was not a happy swimmer and I had to pay for the family’s hotel stay for almost two months. And replace all their furniture!

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