Roofing Horror Stories - Butter fingers edition

Roofing Halloween Horror Stories: Butter fingers

In this edition of Roofing Halloween Stories: when things fall through the cracks…

Peeping Hammer?

Falling nails, screws, shingles, etc., it’s all part of the roofing process. That’s why we put down tarps to protect landscaping around the house. But have you ever had something fall INTO the house? Unfortunately, we have. And it wasn’t just a stray nail. A crew member dropped his hammer through the roof. And it didn’t just fall into the living room. No, it fell into the homeowner’s shower. While she was in it!


Watch Out, Grandma!
A member of our crew dropped a whole bundle of shingles through the hole in the roof where a box vent would have been.

The bundle fell through the hole, through the attic, through the ceiling and landed on the chair Grandma frequented. Thank goodness she chose the couch that day! But she was still shaken, and the homeowner was less than pleased.


From a Homeowner 
My roof was in bad shape and needed to be replaced. The contractor put a couple pallets of shingles and material on the roof before construction was supposed to start. And then delayed the project start date…a few times.

Apparently, a damaged roof isn’t the best place to store materials and the whole roof ended up collapsing under the weight – and even blew out some walls! Our family had to evacuate while we looked for someone who actually knew what they were doing.

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