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When doing an insurance roofing job, contractors will need to send a Completion Invoice (also known as a Certificate of Completion or Notice of Completion) to the insurance company when the install is complete. The carrier will not release the depreciation payment until they receive this invoice; and, in some cases, the carrier will require the homeowner to sign it.

What should contractors include in the invoice?

Your Business Information:
At the top, you should include all of your relevant business information, including your roofing company name, address, Tax ID number, GC license (if applicable), and your company logo.

Reason for Sending:
On the next line, state what the form is, the date, and your reason for sending it.

Homeowner & Job Information:
Then you should include the homeowner information, including the name, address, and claim number. You should also include what type of work you performed and your invoice job number.

Next, you want to list the items and prices you’re asking the carrier to pay. For this, you need columns for the description, quantity, unit price, and total price.

  • Total Scope Amount: There should only be one listed. Under unit price, Make sure to use the most recent scope of loss OR if there was not a revised scope the final RCV number. This should be the largest RCV if there are multiple scopes.
  • PWI: If PWI (paid when incurred) is applicable to the job, include it. Make sure you have the receipts to back it up!
  • PWARR: If PWARR (paid when actually repaired or replaced ) is applicable, include it.
  • Permit Fee: If you paid for a permit fee, you can include it. Make sure to include the correct documentation.

Add this at the bottom: “Please release the final Depreciation for work completed.”

If there was work not completed by your company, list it under “work not completed.”

Final Amount:
Add together the amounts in your total price column. (If you download our roofing invoice template, it will do this for you!)

Verify the total price is correct before sending it to the carrier!

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