Roofing Supplement Example

How To Supplement Insurance Claim: Double the RCV Amount on a Job in 10 days

Contractors who believe in the importance of roof inspections and use a roof supplement specialist make more money on their insurance jobs. Not only do they get more storm damage claims approved for their homeowners but they also get adjusters to pay for supplements. Don’t believe us? Let’s look at a real-life example from this year. 

Florida had a storm on September 15, 2021. The adjuster inspected this particular house and wrote the scope of loss on October 26. The contractor collected all the necessary documents and added us to the job on November 10.

Items Submitted to Elite Claim Solutions with job

Because the contractor did a thorough inspection and provided us with the necessary documents, like the measurements and an inspection checklist, we didn’t need to go back and forth with them to get the items. This cut out a huge chunk of time…AND, helped us secure a larger supplement amount. We were able to write the Xactimate supplement and submit it to the carrier on November 11.

On November 18, we followed up with the carrier and they approved many of our supplement items. In fact, we were able to double the RCV amount!

Starting RCV: $9,182.86

supplementing: snippet from original scope of loss

Approved new RCV: $18,441.43

Supplementing: scope snippet after supplements approved
Supplement total: $9,258.57
Roofing Supplement Example

Roofing Supplement Line Items Approved by the Carrier:

  • Overhead and Profit, aka O&P (Original Scope = $0, Revised Scope $3,013.12)
  • All Roofing Code Items (Original Scope = $1,716.67, Revised Scope = $4,038.52)
  • An updated Xactimate price list (Reprice = $1,173)
  • Ridge Cap (Original Scope = $0, Revised Scope = $757.84)
  • Starter (Original Scope = $0, Revised Scope = $637.79)
  • Detach and Reset Electrical Mast (Original Scope = $0, Revised Scope = $633.95)
  • Overhead and Profit, aka O&P (Original Scope = $0, Revised Scope $3,013.12)
  • Flashings (Original Scope = $0, Revised Scope = $587.02)
  • Permit fee (Original Scope = $0, Revised Scope = $134)

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