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Elite offices closed 1pm Dec. 22 until Monday, Dec. 27

2021 Winter Holiday Closures

The Elite Team is taking time to spend with our family and friends this holiday season. We hope you are, too!

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Winter Learning Opportunities for Roofing Contractors

As production season comes to an end (at least in the northern markets!), now is a good time for roofing contractors to switch gears to focus on learning new industry trends as well as training staff to succeed next year.

We’ve compiled a list of events across the country for your team to consider.

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Roofing Supplement Example

How To Supplement Insurance Claim: Double the RCV Amount on a Job in 10 days

Learn how to prepare a supplement for an insurance claim. Here is a real life example of how a contractor increased the RCV by almost $10,000 on a single job.

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Roofing Invoice Free Download

When doing an insurance roofing job, contractors will need to send a Completion Invoice (also known as a Certificate of Completion or Notice of Completion) …

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Interview Questions for Sales Reps

Top 8 Interview Questions for Roofing Sales Reps

A potential sales rep candidate has made it through the resume round and has (hopefully) passed your pre-screening questions – he or she is able to climb ladders and has reliable transportation – and you’re ready to sit down or zoom down for a face-to-face interview.

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A roofer taking pictures of the layers of shingles on a home.

Roof Sales Training

While generating new leads is critical, closing the leads you already have is equally as important. That being said, contractors should take a step back and rethink their roofing sales training and provide the tools that best match the sales rep’s skills and experience. Otherwise, they could be leaving money on the table!

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Roofing Invoices 101

Roofing Invoices 101

Knowing when to send a roofing invoice for insurance jobs is an important part of the collections process for a roofing contractor. Learn when and how to send completion invoices to homeowners and insurance carriers.

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siding sales training

Siding Sales Training

Siding storm damage claims can be a great opportunity to increase the commissions on a job and grow your roofing business.

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Roofing Horror Stories - Butter fingers edition

Roofing Halloween Horror Stories: Butter fingers

In this edition of Roofing Halloween Stories: when things fall through the cracks…

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Roofing Horror Stories with Nature

Roofing Halloween Horror Stories

Acts of Nature? Or Human Error? You Decide.

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employee retention

Tricks to Increase Employee Retention: Office Manager Edition

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about the #greatresignation. The current worker shortage means employees have options. And the past couple of years …

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Roofing Horror Stories Continue

Roofing Halloween Horror Stories Continue

Our roofing horror series continues this week with some particularly sticky situations…

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Roofer Job Description: How to Craft a Sales Rep Job Ad

The right job description can make or break the number of qualified candidates you attract to your roofing business. With labor shortages seemingly affecting all industries, especially roofing, there are currently more sales rep job openings than candidates to fill them. In a marketplace flooded with job openings, it can be hard to stand out.

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Elite Roofing Horror Stories

Roofing Halloween Horror Stories

Ah autumn, the time of year when the weather drops a few degrees and it’s “cool” to be scared. But what scares storm restoration contractors? Ghosts? Ghouls? Crazy men with chainsaws? Please…those things aren’t scary. Paying to replace a roof because your crew messed up? Now that’s scary!

This October, we’re going to share some roofing horror stories that we’ve collected throughout the year. Get ready for some truly bone-chilling experiences!

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Tips and Tricks to Get Organized

Tips And Tricks to Stay Organized

If you want to be successful in the storm restoration industry, you must be organized. We’ve compiled a list of four tips that ANYONE can use to keep organized.

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CEO Mollie Neil

Q&A with Roofing Expert Mollie Neil

Elite’s Chief Executive Officer, Mollie Neil, has been in the storm exterior industry for 12+ years and knows a thing or two about empowering women in roofing as well as supplementing and growing roofing companies. Mollie recently decided that helping contractors with their supplementing efforts simply isn’t enough. She has decided to lean on her experience of growing offices to further help contractors grow their businesses.

We thought it’d be fun to do a little Q&A and learn what motivates Mollie and how you can benefit from her hard work.

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Elite offers two new services to empower contractors

Elite Empowers Contractors with New Offerings

Here at Elite, we’re always thinking of ways to empower good contractors. We want to help honest, quality-focused contractors succeed in the insurance restoration industry. …

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Contractor using ladder jack scaffolding during a vinyl siding install above a garage

How Roofing Contractors Can Turn Partial Approvals into Full Approvals

When it comes to storm related insurance claims, partial approvals are going to happen. Some contractors just accept the adjuster’s initial findings and leave thousands or even millions of dollars on the table. Experienced contractors view a partial approval as part of the process and actively work to convert those initially small claims into large, profitable jobs.

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What Can a Contractor Do if the Insurance Claim is Denied?

What Can a Contractor Do if the Insurance Claim is Denied?

Savvy contractors who understand what damage looks like and perform thorough inspections view a denied claim as just another minor setback and actively work to appeal a denied claim and convert it into a profitable job.

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5 Tips to Get Paid Faster on your roofing jobs

5 Tips To Get Paid Faster On Roofing Jobs

We all know that when it comes to supplements, the insurance carriers control the timeline. But, there are some things you can do to avoid unnecessary delays and get that check cut a little bit faster.

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Contractors' guide to hiring an office manager

Contractors’ Guide to Hiring a Roofing Office Manager

You posted your job description and now you have several applicants to sift through. How can you pick out the star performer from the bunch?

Let’s start with what you should be looking for when hiring your next OM.

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General Contractors should get O&P

How to get Contractor Overhead and Profit on an Insurance Claim

You completed the job but the insurance carrier doesn’t want to pay for overhead and profit (O&P). Contractors run into this issue all the time. …

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The Elite Team is back in a newly renovated office!

Office Renovation

Reunited and it feels so good! The first floor of the new office is completely renovated, with the event space, break room, and upstairs offices …

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working with adjusters

Roof Supplementing: Work With Adjusters to Get Paid More

Just like contractors, insurance carriers have processes and procedures in place to get their job done. The insurance company is not the enemy! In fact, …

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3 ways to qualify potential roofing sales reps

3 Ways to Qualify Potential Roofing Sales Representatives BEFORE the Interview

Are you looking to hire top-performers that have the motivation to get up everyday and work hard? Finding sales associates that are driven might seem tricky, but it doesn’t have to be.

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