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Roofing Recruiting and Roofing Sales Training

Elite Empowers Contractors with New Offerings

Here at Elite, we’re always thinking of ways to empower good contractors. We want to help honest, quality-focused contractors succeed in the insurance restoration industry. …

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5 Tips to Get Paid Faster on your roofing jobs

5 Tips To Get Paid Faster On Roofing Jobs

We all know that when it comes to supplements, the insurance carriers control the timeline. But, there are some things you can do to avoid unnecessary delays and get that check cut a little bit faster.

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Contractors' guide to hiring an office manager

Contractors’ Guide to Hiring a Roofing Office Manager

You posted your job description and now you have several applicants to sift through. How can you pick out the star performer from the bunch?

Let’s start with what you should be looking for when hiring your next OM.

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The Elite Team is back in a newly renovated office!

Office Renovation

Reunited and it feels so good! The first floor of the new office is completely renovated, with the event space, break room, and upstairs offices …

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working with adjusters

Roof Supplementing: Work With Adjusters to An Accurate Estimate

Just like contractors, insurance carriers have processes and procedures in place to get their job done. The insurance company is not the enemy! In fact, …

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3 ways to qualify potential roofing sales reps

3 Ways to Qualify Potential Roofing Sales Representatives BEFORE the Interview

Are you looking to hire top-performers that have the motivation to get up everyday and work hard? Finding sales associates that are driven might seem tricky, but it doesn’t have to be.

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Lightning over houses

3 Tips to Manage Your Roofing Business During a Huge Storm

Did a big storm just blow through the area? You won’t be able to stay organized or get the most out of it if your …

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Free Roofing Inspection Checklists should be used on every job to make sure you don't miss items you could supplement for.

How to fill out an Roof inspection checklist

This post walks contractors through our free inspection checklist and how to fill it out to make the most of their supplement efforts.

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Paperwork Roofing Contractors Need to close the deal

Roof Inspection Checklist: Paperwork Roofing Contractors Need to Close the Deal and Supplement

Paperwork and consistency are an essential part of a successful roofing business. We’ve compiled a list of 7 documents that every successful roofing company uses at different stages of their jobs.

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Roofing technology every contractor should use

Roof Inspection Checklist: Technology Every Roof Salesperson Should Use

There are a lot of apps designed to help roof contractors. We’ve compiled a list of the six apps we feel will help roofing contractors be more efficient and produce more jobs.

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What's in your tool belt?

Roof Inspection Checklist: 8 Tools Every Roofing Contractor Should Have in His (or Her) Tool Belt

In roofing sales, the roof inspection is the foundation of the entire insurance process. A quality roof inspection can help mitigate disputes with the adjuster. So, what are the tools you need to perform a roof inspection that lives up to insurance carrier standards? Here is our list of eight tools you should be using…

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How to Estimate a Flat Roof Insurance Claim

On the surface, flat roofs seem more simple than your average sloped roofs. But, with several different types of flat roofs and three different ways to install them, flat roofs are far from simple. Many adjusters don’t understand the intricacies of flat roofs and will often select the cheapest materials in Xactimate…

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CamScanner: Roofing Technology in Your Pocket

When you’re a roof salesman, your office is your truck. You might not have a computer or scanner on hand all the time, but I’m sure you have a smartphone. Here in the 21st century, there’s an app for everything! With the power of technology, you can carry a whole scanner around in your pocket.

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Best roof measurement software

What Roof Measurement Software is Right for Your Company?

When it comes to measurement software, there are many different options out there that all have unique offerings. How do you decide which is best for your business? We’ll break down the assets of four different softwares…

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Gutter Installation Training: Are You Getting Paid for the Correct Size?

Size matters! You might not think you need to document more than the footage on gutters & downs, but if that’s all you’re doing, you’re missing out on the money you could get.

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Drip Edge: How to Supplement

Be sure you are taking photos of your drip edge OR missing drip edge on every job! All good contractors know the importance of installing drip edge on the eaves and rakes. If you are installing it, you should get paid for installing it! Photos of drip edge that is damaged, painted, missing and required by code, rusted, or have the gutters installed through it are all worth your time – trust us on this. The manufacturers require the drip edge to be installed over the felt on the rakes.

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Japanese Maple bush

Tarps: How to Supplement

Every Roofing Contractor’s Worst Nightmare… To the average onlooker, this might look like an innocent bush, but as contractors, we know that this Japanese Maple bush can cost us $250 to $500 if it gets damaged during production. You don’t want to risk paying to replace it when it costs way less to throw a tarp over it to protect it, right? Furthermore, most carriers will pay for the tarp, so it’s basically a no-brainer. WHAT SHOULD YOU DO TO SUPPLEMENT FOR YOUR TARP? When visiting your worksite

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Contractors installing ice and water shield on a residential roof

Ice and Water Shield: How to Supplement

Are you trying to supplement Ice and Water shield on a roofing job? With these simple tips you can get this approved on your next roofing job.

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Elite Claim Solutions Coaching and Consulting packages

How to Improve Your Roofing Profit Margins in 2021

10 questions that every successful roofing company should be asking. If you are looking to grow your business or make more money this year, our self assessment can get you started.

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Roof decking gaps not up to code during a shingle tear off

Building Code Coverage for Decking: How to Supplement

Are you trying to supplement roof decking on an insurance job? Here’s what you can do when the adjuster denies deck board replacement, even if it’s required by code.

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Rotted, rusted chimney flashing that needs to be replaced on a roofing supplement

Chimney Flashing: How to Supplement

Are you trying to supplement chimney flashing? Did the adjuster deny the claim even though it’s damaged? Here are some tips on how to get that approved on your next insurance roofing job.

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Damaged step flashing that needs to be replaced in a roofing supplement

Step Flashing: How to Supplement

Are you trying to supplement step flashing? Did the adjuster deny the claim even though it’s damaged? Here are some tips on how to get that approved on your next insurance roofing job.

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Roofing supplement list: top ten items denied by insurance companies and adjusters

Roofing Supplement List: Top 10 Items Insurance Carriers Reject

We talk to 1000’s of adjusters. These are the most common items we see denied on insurance roofing jobs.

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Contractor using ladder jack scaffolding during a vinyl siding install above a garage

Ladder Jacks and Scaffolding on roofing and siding jobs

Ladder jacks aren’t something you see on every job, so you might not think to document it when you see them being used. But you …

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Cracked driveway photo taken by a roofing contractor

Contractor Profit: One small thing Roofing and Siding contractors should do on every job

This one tip could save you $10,000+ on a roofing or siding job, and it takes LESS THAN 10 MINUTES.

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