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Contractor installing vinyl siding and soffit on a home

Vinyl Siding Installation: What you need to know

New to Vinyl Siding installation? Here’s a list of the most common siding terms and how you can become an expert siding installer.

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We're Closed for the Holidays

We’re Closed for the Holidays

We’re giving our team some extra time to spend with family and recharge over the holidays this year. Our office will be closed on the following dates: Tuesday, Dec. 22 through Friday, Dec. 25 Wednesday, Dec. 30 @ 1 p.m. through Friday, Jan. 1 Thank you for your understanding and patience. We look forward to serving you with a refreshed elite level of service when we return.

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Don't Produce Jobs That Wont Make You Money

How do you know if a job is profitable?

The best roofing contractors can tell you to the penny how much they made on a job. In this video, Mike teaches you how to calculate the profitability of your roofing job.

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Velux skylight with hail damage during a roof inspection

REPLACE OR REPAIR? What Roof inspectors need to know about skylights

What should you do when you have a Velux skylight that has been damaged by hail? Click here to find out how to get skylights approved on insurance roofing claims.

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Paperwork Can Make or Break Your Business

Roofing Sales Process: Paperwork Can Make or Break Your Jobs

How to scale a roofing business? One way is to have the right processes in place. In this video, Mike walks you through the kinds of paperwork and forms that most successful roofing companies use.

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Frustrated contractor that cannot get paid recoverable depreciation for his roofing job

Recoverable Depreciation: 3 Tips to Avoid Issues with Deadlines for your Roofing Claim

Are you having trouble meeting deadlines to collect depreciation checks on your roofing jobs? We have a few simple tips that can help ensure your business gets paid.

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Talking with adjusters

How to Deal with a Home Insurance Adjuster

When you’re in the roofing storm restoration industry, you have to figure out how to work with insurance carriers. How do you lead a conversation with an adjuster to get your items approved? At Elite, we’ve been working with adjusters for decades. Watch as Mike shares his wisdom on adjuster meetings.

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How to Get Ahead of the Mortgage Company Endorsement Process

Need the mortgage company to endorse an insurance check for you roofing job? Not sure what to do? Click here to find out.

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How to Get Paid for Price Increases

Dealing with price increases ? Don’t let it eat your profit or commissions. The Roof Strategist, Adam Bensman, and Mike Braun discuss current price increases, the latest Xactimate pricing and how you can get paid during a price increase. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and never miss a video!

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How to talk to homeowners about supplements

How to Explain Roofing Supplements with Homeowners – FREE Cheat Sheet

How you communicate roofing supplements with homeowners is an opportunity to prove your expertise as a contractor and provide a high level of customer service. Getting this right results in happy customers who generate referral leads for your business.

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How to Scale Your Roofing Business: Go from a $500k to $2M Company with these 3 things

Looking to grow your roofing business? In this video Mike shows you three things any new roofing company should focus on if they want to level-up.

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Roofing salesman inspecting shingles and gutters for hail damage

How to Inspect a Roof and Position Yourself as the Expert

Identifying and proving damage is an integral part of your job as a contractor. If you are thorough and properly note all the damage you …

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Why You Should Subscribe to Elite’s YouTube Channel

If you’re an honest contractor looking to grow your roofing business and build something that lasts, we have the expertise and know-how to help you make that happen.

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ITEL Now app on iPhone

4 Times You Should Use Itel on Your Roofing and/or Siding Jobs

WHAT IS ITEL? ITEL – Independent Testing Evaluation Laboratory is a company with a convenient app that provides unbiased pricing and matching services that help contractors locate all types of current and discontinued siding and roofing products.

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Roofing Sales Tips: Managing Huge Storms

Roofing companies that make the most money after a big storm already have the right processes in place. Find out what you need to do to make the most of the next big storm.

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3 tips for supplementing success

3 Elite Tips for Roof Supplementing Success

REVIEW NOTES FROM YOUR SUPPLEMENTING FIRM BEFORE PRODUCTIONJump on your CRM the night before your job is scheduled for production and read ALL of the …

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Sales vs. Process: Growing Your Roofing Company

Which is more important for growing your roofing business, sales or process? Mike gives his insights and a few key items you can implement.

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Flashing Valley Liners on roof after shingles removed

How to Supplement for Flashing

Flashing is one of the most common items denied by adjusters on a roofing job. Find out how to get paid for flashing.

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4 Lines to close a sale

Roofing Sales Pitch: Get More Sales With This Four Line Close

Having the right roofing sales technique can lead to more jobs. Mike breaks down a 4 line close that you can use to perfect your roofing sales pitch.

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Why and How You Should Talk to Your Homeowners About Roofing Supplements

Clearly explaining the roof supplementing process to homeowners can actually speed up collections. Elite Claim Solutions Owner, Mike Braun, gives some tips on how to talk roofing supplements with homeowners.

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Air Vent app for roofing contractors on an iPhone

Roofing Technology You Should be Using: Air Vent App

We keep you up to date on the newest and best technology that the best roofing companies are using.

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6 Steps to storm roofing sales

Door to Door Roofing Sales Pitch: 6 Steps to closing a roofing sale

Having the right roofing sales pitch is the best way to close more deals. Here are the 6 steps that Mike Braun used to build a $10 million a year roofing business.

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Aluminum window wrap with hail damage

How to estimate Aluminum Window Wraps on Insurance jobs

If you are working on an insurance claim where hail damaged the roof or siding, chances are the aluminum window wrap is also damaged. Here’s what you can do to get those included on the insurance claim.

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Do you use a contingency?

Roofing Sales Training: Using a Contingency Agreement to close more deals

Do you use a contingency form in your roofing sales process? Mike Braun is here to tell you why using a contingency form could help your business.

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Women at Elite

American Business Women’s Day

Did you know that women currently make up 0.5% of roofing professionals in the United States? So, on American Business Women’s Day, we want to give a shout out to all of the strong women on our team who make it possible for us to deliver an elite level of service.

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