Christy Siebert - Strategic Communications Specialist - Elite Claim Solutions

Christy Siebert

Manager of Content & Communications

Christy is relatively new to the contracting industry as she began working for 123 Exteriors in August 2019. Her knowledge of storm restoration grew ten-fold as she was tasked with revamping the sales rep training over the winter. 

Christy’s expertise lies in content generation – from designing web pages, social media graphics, flyers and brochures to editing photos and videos and writing blog posts, Christy loves figuring out the best way to display information.

Throughout her career, she has been able to share her love of all things communications with her passion for helping people. She earned her photojournalism degree from Mizzou in 2009, but decided journalism wasn’t the right niche for her. Instead, she began working in the marketing and communications department of a non-profit hospital and loved being able to help educate the public about all the different aspects of healthcare and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. After five years in healthcare, her career took a different path when she joined the team at INTO Saint Louis University to help recruit international students. This position opened her eyes to the role communications plays on a more global level. 

It also opened her up to love as she met her now husband through the company and decided to spend a year living abroad in Thailand. During that year, she focused her time on learning the Thai language (not an easy feat!) and completing some personal projects.

Upon returning to the United States, Christy felt incredibly lucky to have stumbled upon the opportunity to work with Mike Braun at 123 Exteriors. She never considered storm restoration before but realized immediately that this was a company who honestly wants to help people. Every employee truly lives the mission to deliver a unique and memorable service by following the core values: integrity, honesty and quality. The success of this company to date is largely due to having Mike as the driving force – steering the company in the right direction and always putting people first.

When Mike asked Christy to work for Elite Claim Solutions, she readily agreed. The chance to build a brand from scratch was enticing but the main reason was to continue working for this man with great business sense and integrity. And, the knowledge that through Elite, we will be able to help even more homeowners as we partner with other contractors who also put their customers first.