Production Photos

Production Photos are critical for roofing contractors to get paid on post-production supplements, especially for items that are PWI (Paid When Incurred) or PWARR (Paid When Actually Repaired or Replaced)

Drip Edge: How to Supplement

Be sure you are taking photos of your drip edge OR missing drip edge on every job! All good contractors know the importance of installing drip edge on the eaves and rakes. If you are installing it, you should get paid for installing it! Photos of drip edge that is damaged, painted, missing and required by code, rusted, or have the gutters installed through it are all worth your time – trust us on this. The manufacturers require the drip edge to be installed over the felt on the rakes.

Roofing and Siding Access Issues: How to Supplement

Breaking your back installing siding under a deck? Wearing yourself out by double-handling all of your roofing debris because you can’t get your dumpster close to the house? Let’s get you paid for that additional labor! Next time you run into access issues, take a picture of it! Better yet take a short video with your smartphone. Below are just a few of the items in Xactimate we can request to help compensate for the access issues you run into on the daily. Let’s look at some real example photos.

Japanese Maple bush

Tarps: How to Supplement

Every Roofing Contractor’s Worst Nightmare… To the average onlooker, this might look like an innocent bush, but as contractors, we know that this Japanese Maple bush can cost us $250 to $500 if it gets damaged during production. You don’t want to risk paying to replace it when it costs way less to throw a tarp over it to protect it, right? Furthermore, most carriers will pay for the tarp, so it’s basically a no-brainer. WHAT SHOULD YOU DO TO SUPPLEMENT FOR YOUR TARP? When visiting your worksite

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