Roof Inspections and Supplements

How to inspect a roof for damage and earn more money on the job

Lightning over houses

3 Tips to Manage Your Roofing Business During a Huge Storm

Did a big storm just blow through the area? You won’t be able to stay organized or get the most out of it if your company doesn’t have standard processes in place. So, what are the most important things you need to focus on during a hurricane, derecho or any big storm? The answer is …

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What's in your tool belt?

Roof Inspection Checklist: 8 Tools Every Roofing Contractor Should Have in His (or Her) Tool Belt

In roofing sales, the roof inspection is the foundation of the entire insurance process. A quality roof inspection can help mitigate disputes with the adjuster. So, what are the tools you need to perform a roof inspection that lives up to insurance carrier standards? Here is our list of eight tools you should be using…

Japanese Maple bush

Tarps: How to Supplement

Every Roofing Contractor’s Worst Nightmare… To the average onlooker, this might look like an innocent bush, but as contractors, we know that this Japanese Maple bush can cost us $250 to $500 if it gets damaged during production. You don’t want to risk paying to replace it when it costs way less to throw a tarp over it to protect it, right? Furthermore, most carriers will pay for the tarp, so it’s basically a no-brainer. WHAT SHOULD YOU DO TO SUPPLEMENT FOR YOUR TARP? When visiting your worksite

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