Roofing Sales Training

Elite Claim Solutions offers affordable e-learning courses designed to teach ANYONE the fundamentals of roofings sales. The most successful roofing company owners and managers know that the sooner a sales rep understands the fundamentals, the sooner he or she can start generating sales for the business. That’s the goal of Elite Claim Solutions’ training courses. 

How we're different

While many of our competitors focus entirely on roofing sales techniques, such as canvassing and sales pitches, Elite addresses the most critical aspect of storm restoration – the inspection.

A proper inspection leads to better relationships with carriers, more accurate ordering and a more seamless production process. A charismatic, flashy roofing salesman might set a few more appointments per week, but if they can’t inspect and document a home correctly, then those leads will not convert into sales.  

Roofing salesman inspecting shingles and gutters for hail damage


There are 3 main reasons you should train all new sales reps and office managers/admins. 

  1. The first reason is that it turns sales reps into revenue generating team members faster, while at the same time, reducing the downtime involved in other staff during onboarding. This can result in an extra 1-2 weeks of actual selling during the season. 
  2. The second reason is that it allows owners and managers to weed out bad candidates quickly. The roofing industry, and especially the storm restoration side, has high employee turnover. Companies may have a revolving door of new sales reps that just can’t make it happen. That’s okay and is totally normal. Elite Claim Solutions’ training will actually identify which new hires are unwilling or are unable to complete the initial training courses and potentially eliminate the weeks or months involved in the eventual termination.
  3. The third reason is that it will allow your company to expand its talent search beyond those who already have roofing industry experience. If you’ve been in the industry long enough, you have come to realize that all sorts of people can be successful in sales or back office roles. Being able to train candidates that are organized and ambitious, but come from other industries, will make your company more successful.

Most successful roofing and exterior remodeling companies have some sort of training program or orientation for ALL new personnel. At a minimum, this should cover internal company policies and procedures. While many companies may have different approaches (i.e. sales techniques, marketing strategies, brand positioning), the fundamentals of roofing and specifically storm restoration are universal. The most common new hire positions are sales reps and office managers / admins. These are also the roles that tend to have the least amount of relevant experience when hired. Typically, managers and c-level positions in a roofing company are promoted internally or recruited, but in both cases they will have lots of experience already.

Elite recommends Intro to Storm Restoration and Storm Restoration Inspection Training for all staff that are new to roofing or have been out of the industry for more than 2 years. This will ensure a strong baseline level of knowledge that can then be applied to the specifics of company policies and culture.

YES! All roofer training courses offered by Elite Claim Solutions have a quiz and certificate for those who pass. Owners or your company’s designated point of contact will have access to quiz scores and course completion data to hold your staff accountable. The quizzes are not easy by design. That way you know that if your new sales rep or office manager / admin passes, they are truly proficient in the basics of roofing. Certifications will also allow us to build a talent pool in your local market from which to draw from in future hires.


Individual Courses

Intro To Storm Restoration

$99 / user
  • 1 month access
  • Storm Restoration Certification

How to Read a Scope of Loss

$199 / user
  • 1 month access

Marketing & Canvassing for Your Roofing Business

$99 / user
  • 1 month access

Roofing Tile Training

$99 / user
  • 1 month access

*Once the purchase is complete, our team will reach out to you to get your learner information and get you set up.

Bundled Courses

Storm Restoration Inspection Training

$199 / user
  • 1 month access
  • Storm Inspection Certification

*If purchasing courses for 5 or more learners, contact Storm School before you purchase to get your team discount.

Intro + Storm Restoration Inspection Training

$250 / user
  • 1 month access
  • Intro to Storm Restoration Course
  • All 5 Storm Restoration Inspection Training Courses
  • Storm Inspection Certification

The Storm PRO Bundle

$500 / user
  • 1 month access
  • Access to All Storm School Courses
  • Storm Restoration Certification

Supplement Training Bundle

$1,000 / user
  • Setting up Your Team for Success
  • Scope Review
  • Supplement Process & Stages
  • Communication & Delivery
  • Working with Adjusters & Carriers
  • Xactimate Configuration

Enterprise Bundle

$TBD / month
  • Access to All Storm School Courses
  • Volume Discounts
  • Long-term Access
  • White Label Options
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Discounts on Custom Content

Roof Training Courses

Elite’s Roof Training Courses are available for purchase and completion in Elite University, powered by Docebo.

Intro to Storm Restoration Course - roofing terms

Intro to Storm Restoration

  1. Common Industry Terms
  2. Intro to Roofing
  3. Intro to Siding
  4. Intro to Gutters
  5. Quiz

Storm Restoration Inspection Training

  1. How to Identify Storm Damage
  2. How to Perform a Home Site Inspection
  3. How to Fill out a Roofing Inspection Checklist
  4. How to Document Storm Damage at the Jobsite
  5. Measurements
Roof Inspection Training for Storm Restoration
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Learn the basics of roofing, siding and gutter for storm restoration

Intro to Storm Restoration

This $99 course is perfect for people new to the industry.

How to identify storm damage on a home

Storm Restoration Inspection Training

This $199 course teaches you how to perform inspections the right way.

How to take storm damage photos for insurance roof claim

Intro + Inspection Training

This combines the Intro course with the Inspection Training courses for the low price of $250.

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