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Storm School FAQ

Choose the plan you want to purchase and then enter how many learners you will have. Once your purchase is complete, a Coaching & Consulting representative will reach out to you to get your learners’ information and get them set up with their Storm School logins.

To access the training, you will need to be logged into Elite University. Your login credentials will be emailed to you during registration.

Once logged in, you will see the courses you are enrolled in on your home page as well as additional courses you can purchase.

Yes! To use Elite University on your mobile device, download the go.learn app in your app store. Then type in and your login credentials.

*Please note, you will not be able to purchase courses from the app.

When you purchase courses for 3 or more learners, we will send you a weekly status report so you can see the progress your reps have made as well as the scores they received on the quizzes.

While the time will vary depending on the learner, most users take between 3 and 7 hours to complete the Intro + Storm Restoration Inspection Training courses.

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