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Roofing Supplement Training Bundle

Course Includes

1. Setting Up Your Team For Success

2. Scope Review

3. Supplement Process & Stages

4. Communication & Delivery

5. Working with Adjusters and Carriers

6. Advanced Xactimate Configuration

Roofing Supplement
Training Bundle

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Why Is Roofing Supplement Training Important?

Roofing supplements are an important part of growing your business and can have a huge impact on your revenues and profitability. Sophisticated contractors earn an additional 10-25% more per job through supplementing. The reason most contractors don’t write supplements and Xactimate estimates is because it takes time and can be complicated. For these reasons, many roofing companies outsource there supplementing and estimating to 3rd party companies. Elite Claim Solutions started as a 3rd party supplementing company to help companies that lacked the staff or resources to write supplements and do the necessary follow-up with carriers that’s required. As many of our clients grew, they reached a point where they were looking to insource their supplementing capabilities. That’s why we put together this training course. We have processed over 10,000 insurance jobs so you can say we’ve learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to supplements. The Roofing Supplement Training Bundle leverages years of experience and expertise and shares it with contractors to teach their staff.

How to Write a Roofing Supplement in Xactimate

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The Roofing Supplement Training Bundle is made of 6 individual courses

  • Set Your Team (And Yourself) Up for Success
  • Supplement Stages
  • Scope Review
  • Supplement Communication and Delivery
  • Common Objections and Rebuttals
  • How to Configure Your Xactimate Settings

It really depends on the organizational structure of your business. Some of our clients have their sales reps handle all aspects of a job from lead to final invoice. In those cases, their sales reps benefit greatly from this supplement training. Other companies may have a designated back-office employee, manager, or team that handles supplements in addition to other claims or production-related duties. In those cases, a specific point person or small team takes the course. Some of our clients even run a hybrid model where they handle most of their supplements and estimates internally, but use a 3rd party supplementing company to handle overflow during busy periods or after huge storms. This allows companies the flexibility to quickly scale up to capitalize on short-term opportunities quickly.

YES! All roofer training courses offered by Elite Claim Solutions have a quiz and certificate for those who pass. Owners or your company’s designated point of contact will have access to quiz scores and course completion data to hold your staff accountable. The quizzes are not easy by design. That way you know that if your new sales rep or office manager / admin passes, they are truly proficient in the basics of roofing. Certifications will also allow us to build a talent pool in your local market from which to draw from in-future hires.

There is nothing worse than getting a supplement put together, getting it over to the carrier, and then getting roadblocked by not having permission on file to speak to your company about the claim. This is where your sales reps can help.

In this section, we will cover the paperwork and documentation your team should be using on every job to help speed up the supplementing process.

 It’s extremely important to follow the guidelines put out by the insurance carriers. One of the guidelines is to request missing items prior to repairs taking place. This means that if you supplement AFTER work is complete, they can deny all the items. This is why we suggest that you supplement in two stages: pre-production, or before the project starts, and post-production, after the project is complete.

The Supplement Scope Review course goes in depth on:

  • Depreciation Deadlines
  • Code Coverage
  • Process to Review and Notate Missing Items
  • Xactimate and Symbility Settings
  • Code Documentation and Installation Guidelines

One thing to keep in mind while supplementing is that you want to make it as easy as possible for an adjuster to say “yes.” This means you want to send everything over in a professional manner with the documentation that they need to say “yes.” This course goes in-depth on:

  • Communication
  • Delivery
  • Follow Up

This course provides practical tips and a framework on how to respond to disagreements with adjusters and gives about 20 of the most common line items that get denied as well as proven rebuttals.

In this course, we will cover how to set up and use Xactimate.

  • Advanced Xactimate Settings
  • Xactimate Tips and Tricks
  • Macros
  • How to Import F9 Notes
  • How to Export ESX Files
  • How to Create an Xactimate Estimate

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