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Course Includes

1. How To Identify Storm Damage

2. How to Perform a Home Site Inspection

3. How to Fill Out a Roofing Inspection Checklist

4. How to Document Storm Damage at the Jobsite

5. How to Measure a Roof

6. Quiz

Storm Inspection Training

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Why Storm Restoration Inspection Training Matters

Roof inspections and siding inspections are arguably the most important part of the storm restoration process for roofing companies. A proper inspection impacts the job at all stages of the process (approvals, supplements, ordering, installation, etc.) and is a key component of profitability. That being said, most roofing companies do not invest enough to ensure that their sales reps and back-office staff are running the most effective inspections possible. This creates all sorts of problems for contractors, resulting in slower cash flow and unhappy customers.

 Elite Storm School’s Storm Restoration Inspection Training was specifically designed after working with over a hundred contractors in our supplementing service. We noticed that there weren’t any great resources out there for contractors to purchase and so many contractors were dealing with the same challenges as they brought on new sales reps. At a price point that costs less than one botched material order, there are few investments you can make in this industry that will generate more value for your business.  

How to Perform a Test Square

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This training bundle includes the following courses:

  • How to Identify Storm Damage
  • How to Perform a Home Site Inspection
  • How to Fill Out a Roofing Inspection Checklist
  • How to Document Storm Damage at the Jobsite
  • How to Measure a Roof

The Storm Inspection Training course is designed for anyone in your organization that performs roof inspections, writes estimates, or interacts with insurance adjusters. Oftentimes in roofing companies it’s the sales rep that climbs up on the roof and looks for hail and wind damage. Some companies may call the person who performs the inspection a Roofing Consultant, Storm Damage Specialist, Estimator, or Inspector. Regardless of the title, most perform a similar function and go through the same process. Because the roof inspection impacts so many aspects of the business you should definitely consider having ALL new hires take this course. That way, when you take them out into the field, you can be confident that they will already have a pretty good understanding of the storm inspection process, and you can focus more on teaching them your own company’s unique process. Storm Inspection training is also good for sales reps or back office staff that may be struggling in their current role. If sales reps are generating lots of leads in a known storm area, but not getting lots of approvals, that’s usually a red flag that more training is needed. Or maybe your market is more prone to hail damage than wind damage or vice versa. In these scenarios the sales rep may not have been trained to inspect for hail or wind damage and document it correctly. Likewise, if you have a back office employee who interacts regularly with adjusters to settle claims, but cannot seem to move the needle on supplements, this course can provide a great foundation to get jobs approved more quickly and accurately.

YES! All roofer training courses offered by Elite Claim Solutions have a quiz and certificate for those who pass. Owners or your company’s designated point of contact will have access to quiz scores and course completion data to hold your staff accountable. The quizzes are not easy by design. That way you know that if your new sales rep or office manager / admin passes, they are truly proficient in the basics of roofing. Certifications will also allow us to build a talent pool in your local market from which to draw from in-future hires.

How to Identify Storm Damage goes in depth on:

  • How to Identify Hail Damage on a Roof, Soft Metals, and Vinyl Siding
  • How to Identify Wind Damage on a Roof, Soft Metals, and Vinyl Siding
  • The Difference between Hail and Mechanical Damage
  • Insurance Standards for Hail and Wind Damage
  • How to Mark Hail and Wind Damage to Show the Insurance Adjuster

Thoroughly inspecting the property is crucial to succeeding in the storm restoration industry. A proper inspection will help you make the sale, prove your case to insurance carriers, plan for the construction stage AND prevent liabilities down the road.

  • Tools for an Insurance Inspection
  • Paperwork and Forms for the Job
  • How to Prepare for the Inspection Appointment
  • How to Write a Damage Inspection Report
  • How to Document Storm Damage on Siding
  • How to Document Storm Damage on a Roof
  • How to Properly Mark-Up Storm Damage on a Roof, Siding, and Soft Metals
  • How to Document Pre-Existing Conditions
  • How to Request Tarps on Jobs
  • How to Document Access Issues
  • Detach & Reset (D&R) vs Remove and Replace (R&R)

Elite recommends using an inspection checklist on every job. In this course, we will walk you through the Elite inspection checklist and how you should use it if you want to make the most out of your jobs.

  • What is an Inspection Checklist
  • How to Fill Out the Siding Section of the Inspection Checklist
  • How to Fill Out the Roofing Section of the Inspection Checklist
  • How to Fill Out the Gutter Section of the Inspection Checklist
  • How to Fill Out the Interior Section of the Inspection Checklist

It is always a good idea to take photos that document storm damage, photos that document what exists on a house, and photos during production/installation because there could be opportunities for additional money to be made on the claim. In this course, we’ll show you what types of photos you need to take in order to get paid from the insurance carriers.

  • Why You Should Take Photos
  • Photos 101
  • Photos You Need to Make More Money
  • Production Photos
  • Completion Photos

In this course you will learn why measurements are necessary on every job, how to take your own measurements, and some of the measuring software available to you.

  • Why You Need Measurements
  • Taking Your Own Measurements
  • Aerial Roof Measurement Softwares

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