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Elite Construction Solutions partners with 123 Exteriors & Artisan Rebuilders LLC

Elite Construction Solutions (ECS), the leading provider of educational, business improvement and direct contracting solutions in the contracting space recently acquired 123 Exteriors and Artisan Rebuilders LLC. The acquisitions immediately expand ECS’s footprint into nine additional markets where it will offer best-in-class exterior general contracting services. Furthermore, via its partnership with Artisan, the firm will now expand into water mitigation, leak detection and interior reconstruction services – adding complementary capabilities into its core offering. These acquisitions also allow 123 Exteriors and Artisan to fully leverage ECS’s suite of shared services including its marketing department, storm restoration training, and estimating services.

Roof inspection checklist example

Roof Inspection Checklist

What is a Roof Inspection Checklist? A Roof Inspection Checklist is a template or form that roofing contractors use to document storm damage on a residential or commercial roof. Roofing contractors or insurance adjusters may use a Roof Inspection Checklist to keep track of all the accessories and components that are currently installed on the …

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Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Roofing Business This Winter

Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Roofing Business This Winter

REVIEW CODES IN YOUR AREACall your local building department to find out if any codes have been updated in the last year. Download new paperwork to your computer and replace/update old documentation. If your city does not provide new paperwork, ask if they will send you an email stating what items are required by code …

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How to Read a Scope of Loss Online Roofing Course

How to Read a Scope of Loss – Announcement

NEW COURSE ALERT! Elite University’s Storm School is proud to announce a new online training course for roofers – How to Read a Scope of Loss. This course is designed to help roofing sales reps and other back-office staff make sense of the adjuster’s estimate. Whether you’re new to roofing, just getting into insurance work, …

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advanced roofing marketing

Advanced Roofing Marketing

It’s 2022 – time to upgrade your marketing tactics from 1998. While the roofing industry has traditionally lagged in technology and innovation, the top roofing companies are approaching marketing in the same way a Fortune 500 company does – analyzing data, segmenting customers, A/B testing ads and messages, etc. Larger businesses may even have marketing …

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