3 tips for supplementing success

3 Elite Tips for Roof Supplementing Success

    Jump on your CRM the night before your job is scheduled for production and read ALL of the notes. It will not only refresh your memory of the job and customer expectations, but will also remind you to take photos of important items during production. Your supplementing team will add notes about certain items that require documentation for them to be able to ask for a post-production supplement.

    Some examples of this include:

    1. Using a break to custom bend fascia (when the adjuster paid for 4 or 6″) 
    2. Metal items damaged during roof removal, such as chimney or valley flashings 
    3. Detaching and resetting items attached to the siding, such as downspouts, utility boxes and lights. 


    This only takes a few minutes and will help close out the job faster.

    WITH CUSTOMERS: The best way to get happy customers who will refer their friends and family to your business is to communicate with them regularly. Keep them apprised of the process, what to expect, if there will be delays, etc. Homeowners just want to know what’s happening and appreciate being kept in the loop.

    WITH YOUR INTERNAL TEAM: Internal communication is just as important as communication with your customer. You want every person who is part of the job (especially if they will be talking to the homeowner) to know all the important details. This includes your supplementing firm. If we don’t know about all the aspects of the job, it’s possible you’re leaving out critical details on the estimate. Keeping everyone up to speed helps prevent misunderstandings down the line, which can cause problems with installation and collections.



    There is always more to learn. The more familiar you are with building codes, manufacturer installation guidelines and the background for O&P, the more comfortable you will feel talking about these topics with a customer or adjuster. These conversations lay the groundwork for success. Positioning yourself as the expert will translate to more signed contracts, better relationships with adjusters and higher profits.

    If you ever see a supplement or an item on a scope that you do not understand, Elite is here to answer your questions!

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