3 ways to qualify potential roofing sales reps

3 Ways to Qualify Potential Roofing Sales Representatives BEFORE the Interview

Are you looking to hire top-performers that have the motivation to get up everyday and work hard? Finding sales associates that are driven might seem tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. 

There’s no magic formula to hire a roofing salesman, but qualifying the applicant in your pre-interview can help you make sure your interviewees are serious about the position so you don’t waste valuable time on them.

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How to Qualify the Applicant in a “Pre-Interview”

Have you ever found yourself waiting to interview an applicant, only for them to never show? That can be a huge waste of time, especially if you have multiple interviews lined up in a row. Don’t waste your day on people who aren’t actually interested in being hired! Here’s what to do:

  1. Look for an email reply.
    When they reply to your job posting, send them an email and look for a reply. Ask more than just, “what time do you want to come in?” Instead, come up with some qualifying questions, like, “why are you interested in this company?” and “what do you know about this industry?”

  2. Get them on the phone.
    Try and get them on the phone before the in-person interview, even if it’s only for a five minute conversation. You’ll find that you weed out tons of applicants that way, and it gives you an opportunity to get promising leads excited to interview and interact with your company. Even a short conversation with you on the phone can motivate them to come to their interview prepared with knowledge about your business and an excitement to work with you.

  3. Find out who they are.
    Let’s face it: roof sales isn’t rocket science. However, it does require drive and a positive attitude. Sometimes finding out who the person really is tells more than if they can measure a roof or not. Ask the interviewee questions about their life and what they like to do in their free time. The only thing more important than an applicant’s industry experience is if they are motivated to learn from you and get the job done.

Bonus Interviewing Tip: Accept That You Are Not A Dream Company

Did you dream of becoming a roofing sales representative as a kid? Probably not! The truth is that not many people dream of selling roofs or being a production manager in the storm restoration industry, and that’s okay! It’s not about finding someone whose ultimate goal is to be a roof salesperson. Instead look for someone who is exploring and searching for a new industry to get into or someone who’s trying to find a company that’s the right fit for them. 

It’s important to remember that as much as the applicant is trying to convince you that they will be a good addition to your team, you have to convince them that your company is worth working for and the storm restoration industry will be a good match for them. So, the interview is a two way street—you have to sell your business and industry as well! 

There you have it, one of the secrets to growing a successful roofing business is having a strong hiring process that narrows down candidates and keeps you from wasting valuable time. For more information about hiring roofing salesmen, check out our video Building a Team: 3 Keys to Hiring Roofing Salesmen or contact us to set up a one-on-one customized consultation with our industry experts.

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