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How to Start a Roofing Business: Keeping Up Cash Flow

How to Start a Roofing Business: Keeping Up Cash Flow

Understanding cash flow is huge when you’re just starting out in the insurance restoration industry.

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Roofing Marketing

How to Start a Roofing Business: Roofing Marketing

Roofing marketing is a critical part of growing your business. No matter if you’re starting a new roofing business or are transitioning from retail to insurance work, there are certain things you should focus on and understand as your business grows.

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5 Tips to Forming Better Relationships with Home Insurance Adjusters

How to Deal with an Adjuster: 5 Tips to Forming Better Relationships with Home Insurance Adjusters

Dealing with home insurance adjusters is one of the most important parts of getting a roofing insurance claim approved. Find out what YOU can do to build a better relationship with the adjuster and increase the chances of getting your jobs approved.

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Mike Braun filming

Is the Insurance company the Enemy in the Roofing Sales Industry?

Insurance companies and adjusters get a bad rap, especially in roofing sales. But is that really deserved? Elite Claim Solutions’ owner, Mike Braun, separates fact from fiction when it comes to the role of insurance companies and adjusters in the roofing sales process.

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Hail damage identified on aluminum siding using a spotlight test

3 Tips to get Roofing and Siding Jobs Approved by the Insurance Company

The best way to get roofing and siding insurance claims approved is by collecting the right documentation during the initial inspection. Learn 3 tips to improve your inspection documentation and get more jobs approved by the adjuster.

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Velux skylight with hail damage during a roof inspection

REPLACE OR REPAIR? What you (and adjusters) need to know about skylights

What should you do when you have a Velux skylight that has been damaged by hail? Click here to find out how to get skylights approved on insurance roofing claims.

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Window Shutters on Insurance Claim

How to deal with Premium Window Shutters Xactimate line item. Find out how to get adjusters to pay for shutters. If you need to remove vinyl shutters and reattach vinyl shutters as part of an insurance claim here is what you need to know.

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Chimney cricket installation guidelines

When do you need Chimney Crickets?

To meet code requirements in ALL locations, a chimney over 30 inches wide requires a cricket (also known as a saddle) to be installed.

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Contractors installing ice and water shield on a residential roof

Four tips For estimating Ice & Water Shield on an insurance roofing job

Did the insurance adjuster not include Ice and Water Shield on the Xactimate scope? We can help with that. If Ice & Water Shield is required by code in your area, find out what you can do to get this approved on your insurance roofing job.

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White drip edge on residential roof that has been damaged in a storm

How to Supplement: R&R Drip Edge

Does your roofing job include Drip Edge remove and replace? Is the drip edge painted? Find out how to get Drip Edge paid for by the adjuster on your next insurance roofing job.

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Roofing Building Codes

Residential Roofing Codes on Insurance Roofing Claims

How to get adjusters to pay for roofing code items: Make sure that you get paid for roofing materials that are required by local building code. Find out how to get building code upgrades approved by the adjuster.

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Roofing Claim Approved from Desk Adjuster

Insurance Roofing Claims: Getting Approvals from Desk Adjusters

Can a roofing contractor get an insurance claim approved without an inspection? You Bet! Here are 3 tips to get roofing claim approvals from Desk Adjusters.

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Recoverable Depreciation in Roofing: How to Track Depreciation Deadlines in JobNimbus and Acculynx

Depreciation deadlines on roofing claims are very easy to track if you use Acculynx or JobNimus. Recoverable depreciation is a critical part of getting paid on insurance roofing work your roofing business should have a process in place. Here’s how to do it.

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Insurance Roof inspection test square on a shingle roof

Insurance Roof Inspection: How to Perform Test Squares

Correctly mark hail hits on an asphalt shingle roof during an insurance roof inspection using TEST SQUARES. Learn how to correctly perform Test Squares on your roof inspections.

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Hail chart

FREE Hail Chart Marketing piece with YOUR logo – No signup required

Many homeowners do not understand hail and the damage it can cause to a roof or siding. Use this FREE hail damage chart to help get inspections and sell more roofs.

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Storm alert

Insurance Roofing Sales: Where are you spending your time after a storm?

Contractors in the Elite Claim Solutions community can focus 100% of their time on bringing in new clients after a storm.

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Covid-19 Contractor Update

Contractor COVID-19 Update

These are turbulent times to say the least. The safety and health of you and your team members, as well as our communities as a whole, must drive our decision making now more than ever.

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How to explain roofing supplement to a homeowner

Talking to your homeowners about roofing supplements

A Roofing Supplement is a great way for a contractor to demonstrate his/her expertise to the homeowner. Like most things in roofing, communication is key to setting homeowner expectations and ensuring a happy customer.

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Roofing business tips internal communication

Roofing Business Tips: Internal Communication

If you’re starting a roofing business or looking to grow your sales, internal communication is very important. Here are a couple roofing business tips to improve your internal communication.

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Homeowner communication word cloud for roofing sales

Roofing Sales Techniques: Homeowner Communication is key

One of the most critical parts of roofing sales is how the company communicates with homeowners. The best companies have a documented, thought out, standardized process for all staff to follow. Click here to learn how to develop a communication plan.

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Contractor measuring vent on roof

Roof Ventilation: What Contractors need to know

Proper attic ventilation is a necessary part of every home and is utilized in every season. How do you know if the attic/roof is properly ventilated?

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Time is money

Roofing Business Tips – 6 Steps To Get Paid Faster on Roofing Jobs

We all know that when it comes to supplements, we don’t control the timeline, the insurance carriers do. But, there are some things you can …

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Example of insurance check front

What should you do when your client’s mortgage company is listed on the insurance check?

When you’ve been in the industry as long as we have, you’re bound to run into issues with the mortgage endorsement process. The best way to handle this issue is to be proactive about it and make sure your customer is aware of a possible issue before the insurance check is cut.

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